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Citizenship and Naturalization

A legal permanent resident may contemplate becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen after meeting all the requirements under the law. Because of the increasing government’s scrutiny over individuals’ previous immigration applications, the naturalization process has become surprisingly complex for some. Thus, the decision to apply for naturalization should not be taken lightly as on one hand, a grant of U.S. citizenship carries new obligations and responsibilities, and on the other hand, one can also lose legal permanent residency status or worse be removed from the United Sates if past circumstances warrant such action.

While the application process may seem simple for some, there can be complications associated with applying for Naturalization. Applying without the ability to read, speak and write can cause a denial of your n-400 application. Prior criminal convictions can not only cause denial of your n-400 application, but can also trigger removal proceedings if they are serious enough in nature.

The most important step in the naturalization process is the initial steps in determining if you are eligible and preparing your information for the n-400 application. If you take your citizenship serious, you should invest in it and make sure it is done properly.