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Domestic violence is a conflict between family and/or members of a household, involving danger in physical harm or fear of physical harm or sexual assault. This includes spouses or former spouses, those involved in a dating relationship, married or blood-related adults. Any threatening or violent act could be considered domestic violence.

Consequences of Domestic Violence:

Ignoring domestic violence or violent behaviors of domination, intimidation and manipulation can be destructive and dangerous. If the violence and abuse goes on without getting help, a person could put themselves at great risk. Not reporting occurrences of domestic violence can hurt everyone involved and especially harmful to children.

What the law office of Mary Teruya for you:

The law office of Mary Teruya works closely with law enforcement and other experts to put an end to domestic violence. We don’t have any tolerance for individuals who threaten their family members and put the lives of their children in danger. And we work hard to bring justice to abusers by filing a restraining order and putting the abused party in contact with support services.