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Child custody is the rights and responsibilities that one parent carries towards a child. This not only includes physically keeping a child, but also the obligations for the child's wellbeing such as authority, religion, education and health care. At times, spouses settle child custody issues among themselves and out of court in a private agreement. Child custody could also be settled by court.

Legal Consequences of Child Custody:

Sometimes, child custody decisions are complicated, especially when rights and responsibilities of parents have to be determined. Child custody disputes are one of the most stressful events parents can go through. The best interests of the child are in question when determining which parent will receive custody of the child and child custody is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What the law office of Mary Teruya do for you:

If you are a single parent involved in a child custody dispute or if you are married and need to resolve child custody during a divorce, an experienced child custody lawyer can help. An attorney will evaluate your case and help you identify your options. A child custody attorney will work to protect your rights and personal interests.